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Sunday, August 26, 2007

About Us

Home of good ideas is a site created as a witness to God's manifestation in a believer's life and shares these blessings for others to reflect and learn.

As a family of believers we offer to our fellow Christian and non-Christian readers a prayer service. Those who need a little prayer may leave some comments in any of the posts and we will offer a little prayer for your noble intentions. We believe that through prayers from other faithfuls God will also listen.

May God's wisdom be with every guests to our pages.


Patty Ann said...

Thank You For coming by my site today.. I Looked for you shout box but could not find it.. I am sorry i forgot to leave the link to it.. Glad you found me anyway. Have Night In The Lord..God Bless.. and come visit me again soon.. Patty Ann..

Patty Ann said...

Sorry that was Have a good night in the Lord..God Bless Patty ANN