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Friday, October 19, 2007

Giving Alms Doesn't Help The Needy

A few months ago while on my way to a grocery I met this boy near the entrance. He was begging for alms from passing costumers. The guard confronted him and let him out of the the place. I felt pity so I approached him. He told me his name was Johny and his grandfather was sick and needed medicine. I got extra money so I gave him 200 pesos and advised him to buy the medicine and some food for his grand pa. The boy went running happily.

It was afternoon of the same day when I saw Johny again in another street corner with friends, other street children. They were playing "cara-y-cruz" an old gambling game. He was holding a melting ice-cream on his one hand and the remaining money on the other. When he noticed me, perhaps afraid I would confront him, he ran quickly and the rest of the boys followed.

That day I felt I was betrayed and discouraged. I felt guilt when I realized I became part in tolerating Johny's habit. If only people would care to help in the real sense, this thing could not have happened. Giving alms doesn't solve the problem but giving care would. Caring does not only mean giving but showing sympathy in the deepest sense by going deeper into the root of the problem.

So, the next time you give alms, try to reconsider and think that you are not helping the beggar in the real sense.