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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My son has no fear of Typhoon Frank

"...When the storm comes we will not be shaken, for by your hands we are saved, by Your hands we are safe!" It was a line of a Christian Song my son Enrico, age 13, sang on that dreadful night of June 20, 2008 when the strongest winds of Typhoon Frank hit our village.

The oozing air started to terrorize us at about 5 PM. The morning forecast said our area is under Storm Signal Number 2 with winds reaching up to 100 kph, but since power was cut off at about 10 AM, we were not able to obtain the latest news then as the local radio station was also down. We felt the wind speed was even greater than 150 kph as it started to throw down the trees in the vicinity and the whistling wind created a trembling sensation within our knees. Our fears was confirmed, only when my friend Ramil from the next province sent me an SMS, that the storm signal was raised to number 3 bearing a maximum wind of 180 kph. We experienced a lull between 7:00-8:00 PM, when the eye of typhoon Frank hovered over Biliran, our beloved island province on the northern tip of Leyte Island, but winds more intense resumed and inflected more devastations and brought horrid sleepless night amongst many of us in the areas hit by typhoon Frank.

Despite, however, the worries we had, since our house is unfinished yet with the windows just covered by plastic mats that could have been easily blown by the strong winds, which I felt it was divinely protected because it never happened, my son slept well after signing those lines and after finishing the Rosary.

I cannot question his faith because he just did put his trust on Him in the middle of a real storm knowing his heavenly Father and a biological father, who might have lack the faith to trust God, would care to protect him.

If people, Christians in particularly, really have the heart to put their faith and trust in God then they could not possibly resort to human ways, which most of the times would lead to chaos, but instead allow God, give him time to work to make things straight. Again issues such as divorce, abortion, euthanasia, and the like carries human nature of sinfulness by providing a rush solution yet wrong, instead of allowing God to dominate and guide them to the right direction.

In times of trouble let us therefore pause for a while and ask God, involve God, what is it that He can do.

(Photo shows the damage of typhoon Frank, from

The video clip below shows the effect of the winds at less than 100 kph when typhoon Frank started to move into our area at 5 PM on June 20, 2008

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hesitant wife said...

hi. typhoon frank was really strong! i was reminded to have my roof repaired! =)