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Monday, September 1, 2008

On Wedding Ceremonies

The weekend was so hectic for the family with a wedding ceremony as the main highlight of those meetings, negotiations, visitations, worries, and everything. My nephew, EgmedioJunjun" together with his beloved Michelle "Esil" finalized their commitments by going into the ceremonies of marriage, first with the civil rites then finally with a church wedding just yesterday August 31, 2008.

The church wedding process has several symbolisms with attached meanings that would help the parties understand their obligations and responsibilities as married couple. These symbols include the candles, the veils, the chords, the coins, and others. I am not going to discuss here what this symbols mean, but maybe in future posts. What I would like to share is the importance of the ceremony and how God can be part of a happy marriage. Well, as usual the message about the wedding in Cana (John 2:1-11) was chosen as the gospel particularly for the occasion. Though the message had been repeated many times in the past, the meaning was renewed for the new couple that day.

Although we are not sure the Cana event actually happened the story told in the Bible sounds real. But some Bible scholars argue the story maybe fictional but was twisted to fit the works of Jesus on the prophesies relative to the Messiah. Skeptics even said the event was actually the wedding of Jesus which is a naive idea since the texts clearly said Jesus and his disciples were just invited.

Whether it actually happened or just a symbolism the importance is on the message. Wine, the priest said, symbolizes happiness in the relationship. It represents the good elements of marriage such as love, understanding, respect, and other virtues that would fade, in most cases, when the relationship progresses. The story suggested that with the presence of Jesus, with the intervention of God, the wine of marriage would never ran out. And the best "wine" is even assured for every bond so that what is sweet is sweetest, love is loveliest, and so on.

What is so important also is the role of mother Mary in the process. Mary was not haphazardly put into the story as a mere character, but to show us that she is a symbol, as a mediatrix. She told them to do whatever he commands (John 2:5). Let us never forget therefore that Mary serves as a bearer of our petitions, a mother who cares to let Jesus know and ask Him to grant our wish, even if the His time does not come yet, as long as we listen to what He says.

Isn't that a nice promise? Well, it is and it is up to us to listen and live with it.

Other Photos of the ceremonies

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