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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today, God begotten me.

Today is so special for me as it marks my first year of the 2nd side of my life. How can I say that? Well, they said 'life begins at 40,' and so today is my first birthday.

My brothers and sisters from the community woke me up early this cold morning with lovely MaƱanita songs. The familiar lines, "How beautiful is the morning as we come and waken you..." old as it is yet the message is refreshed every time it is sung. Flowers and wishes greeted me together with happy faces. Despite waking as early as 3:00 AM i could sense the sincerity and warmth in the clasps of the hands that shook mine. Of course I would mention everyone of them here for I am grateful they shared their time with me. The team included Brod Doming & Sis Nelia, Brod Poncing and Sis Beth, Brod Jun and Sis Annie, Brod Boy and Sis Tecia, Sisters Violy and Thelma, and Brod Boboy. Thank you all brothers and sisters. Of course I wish to thank every member of my CFC and Christian community for their prayers and support.

What touched me further is the message of the Spirit for me today. As the early morning worship, together with my brothers and sisters, reached the point to receive the message from the Holy Scripture, the prayer leader asked me to cut on the Book. As I opened the Bible the Holy Ghost lead me to the text of Psalms 2:7 which reads "I will declare the decree: the Lord has said to me, 'You are my Son, today I have begotten You...' (NKJV). It was an affirmation of God's acceptance and a good assurance to fuel my enthusiasm to further his works, through this blog and other means.

PS: I also thank those who text me and greeted me online: Clikki my daughter, Cathy, Debs & Babes Gopo of DOST, My niece Charlen, my blood brother Gus, my friends Roda and Nit, and Dince SPBS YFC campus ministry. Thanks to everyone who greeted me but I miss to mention and even those who did not greet me, LOL. I love you all guys!

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suedonim16 said...

A blessed birthday to you. =)

Romy said...

Thanks suedonim16

narayanan said...

A nice style to remember. todd

Evan's Mom said...

Hello, Happy belated birthday.

chubskulit said...

Happy birthday Father, may you continue to blees others through God's words!

chubskulit said...

hahaha thanks for correcting me kuya Romy hehehe.. kala ko kasi priest kayo hehehe...

pchi said...

haha. happy birthday po!

god bless you more!