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Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you care for Christ's sake?

Would you believe when I say that the pathways of Christian Love is beyond human comprehension? I do believe it.

I was less occupied this morning so I searched for information about Christian love. I have given a general explanation on the science of love in my previous post (read: The Pathways of love) so I try to decode this time the mecahnisms of love shown by people who followed God.

Out of curiosity I tried to Google the title of my site 'homeofgoodideas' hoping to see some back links and trying to find out if my site would come out. And yes, it's on the top of the list. But there is one link that lead me to an article, a review written about my site which I failed to see the time it was written. A cloud of withheld tears covered my eyes as I realize there are really people who care for others even if they know not about them. Now I know, "that is what Christian Love is all about."

I would like to ask a million apologies to Ligaya Solera for not having read the post. I admit it was a sin and there's no execuse for not having read it. I felt the sincerety of the words written in there and sensed God is leading me to something in order to illustrate how "Christian love" works. Out of concern for the well-being of others this Christian soul reached out her hand to help. This action is not dictated by the lust. And the attraction and attachment is triggered by spiritual hormone -"The Holy Spirit." To Ligaya, Lig, Gay, or whatever your family and friends call you, thank you so much for your concern. I and my entire family would like to fill your love cup with our Christian love.

I know so many of us could not explain why we feel so light and satisfied when we do good things for others, when we love others without the physical connections, and when we follow God's well despite the hardships. These are the mysteries of "Christian Love" and it is beyond the comprehension of human.


chubskulit said...

you're such a good Christian Kuya Romy, may God shower you with lots of blessings..

Ligaya said...

Hi Sir Romy! Okay lang po! I didn't write that post so you could read it, and I didn't even tell you about it, so I don't think it's a sin that you hadn't read it. :-) Anyway, I really hope that your son will become a priest someday. Ako mismo hindi pa stable financially, kaya that was the only way I knew to help. God bless you all!

WillyJ said...

These are the mysteries of "Christian Love" and it is beyond the comprehension of human.

So true Romy, I also read it somewhere in the scriptures - "your thoughts and not My thoughts". In these moments of hardships and economic meltdown, it is only "Christian Love" - the true bailout that we all need. GBU!