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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catching up

It was really a very busy month and I missed the blog world so much. I need a lot of catching up in my posts. I didn't even notice the month was over. Oh man! I had posted only two items.

We'll, in my struggle to be back on track and catch up with the missed times here I am again.
I was so tight in schedules because my office partner, my only regular support staff is in vacation leave starting the second week of May. I need to double my efforts to cover his and my assignments. The problem is, I can't double the days. What I can do is just double my pace. But no matter how we double our efforts, other factors also hinders the process.

The last week was supposed to be a battle against papers but management required us another important out of town assignment. So there we go attending a 3-day lecture and 2 day field exposures. The training was something about enhancing our capability to gather data and generate information out of the weather. The last leg of the training was a visit to a radar station in Baguio City, the Philippines coolest place where we were briefed on how the weather parameters are observed using radar.

Anyway, this is not about the trip but about the loads. I'm back to base with a heap of things to be done with works that are past due and new works to complete soonest.

But I don't wanna immerse myself with this heck without posting here. So I wish you all guys the best and hope you keep visiting me once in awhile.

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