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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doing good is not enough

What is the difference between doing good in the name of God and doing good without God?

People may think doing good and right by the perspective of society's majority is enough to live a meaningful life. In the other hand, pious one's or the real believers do "good" things in the context of what is Godly. But defining what is righteous depends on the standard a person uses. Take for example the case of Muslims, polygamy is not a moral issue but is otherwise in most Christian societies. Whether you are using your own standards there are deeper meaning of why you want to do good things.

When I was still an unbeliever, other non-believers talked about me as kind, friendly, and respectful. Believers consider me the same and they wouldn't believe when you tell them I do not go to church, pray, give alms, or whatever acts religious people consider as Godly. They respected me and some others even admired and idolized me. And I care much of what others said. All I have then was a good character without the shadow of God doing things for my own glory, my own satisfaction, my own motives and I was happy.

By the time I had became connected to a fellowship with God, most people did not change their impression of me. The only people who bother to appreciate my faith is my Christian community. They rejoiced and became part of my growth. And I am still doing good and moral things and this time I do it with purpose other than that of my own. But this time I don't care what others say. When I realized God's purpose in me, I do things for myself and for the glory of God.

Doing good in the name of God is doing it because it is a "must." In the other hand doing good things for man's purpose is doing it because there is a "need."

(Photo shows fellowship with my Christian small group)

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