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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Love of the father

"Father, do you love me?" A voice echoed from the darkened side of my soul, and made me rose from a deep sleep. It was my son asking me in my dream. But why did he asked? Love is supposed to be felt in action and not through words. Does it mean, my son did not feel the love I have for him? Or, does he need just affirmation through my mouth?

Perhaps, the Spirit that is guiding me just wanted to remind me through a dream about my responsibility as a father, a father that does not only serve as a provider of the material needs but the love and attention to his children as well.

If I may recall, a month ago I had a very sad encounter with my eldest son which almost ruined our relationship. I hit him because he hurt her younger sister, a reason which, for me, is a ground that I should exercise my discipline as a father. But at the back of my mind I had made bad things worse. I thought I made the wrong decision and the worst action.

The next day, he went to her aunt's house to cool things off. By then I had the opportunity to send him messages asking forgiveness. It was the first time I did ask apology to my son. I did it because I love him. I don't know if he felt the sincerity but the next time we meet, I sensed he was acting good without anymore hard feelings in me. He talked to me as if nothing happened. I was thankful to God about it.

I am not the perfect father. Though I struggled to follow God's ways, there are times when the devil could gain an inch. What I thanked so much is that through my continued stay with God's side I have learned the value of humility. Now, if my son has misgivings I asked the Lord to help both of us and in times of my shortcomings I ask the Lord to forgive and guide me.

Men are quiet not used to showing emotions but I know my son should understand that I care for him and I love him. If he ask me the question again, I would say, "Yes, son I love you!"

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The Leaves of Tarkong said...

this is such a touching story... encounter... it happens to everyone I guess... it's a constant learning talaga ano po for all of us... but the love for our children is without question... they will soon understand din...