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Monday, August 24, 2009

Web hosting and security

Why do most site owners care to have their sites hosted by competent we hosts? For a blogger like me, or us whose concern is just to share our thoughts and our daily activities we deem worth sharing with, a free domain is enough. But for a publisher who shares products and services in the net having a domain name is a plus factor but requires an investment. Along the quest of finding information about web hosting I encountered several concerns that turned out to be just misconceptions. These involve the issue on security and cost.

There are five major managed hosting misconceptions but I specifically touch on the issue on security and cost. It is a misconception that a managed hosting provider is secure. In the real world, we should understand that no server or web hosting system is ever 100% protected. Hackers and malwares evolved daily like a natural virus. The best web host must be sophisticated enough to adapt to these changes. You as the publisher must also be aware of the security measure your host implements.

For a publisher who sells products and services in the net, it is a misconception to think that hosting is cost prohibitive. In the real sense hosting spares you from added investment on hardware and upgrades, software, security maintenance, and even on personnel. That therefore redounds to cost saving.

Once again, there are added benefits for hosting as there are disadvantages. For better understanding I would like to refer you to a prominent site that discusses intensively about web hosting, the Web Hosting Geeks and its blog site. You can find a lot of information that would guide you about the topic.

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