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Monday, October 26, 2009

Coming back fresh

Hello friends!

Home of goods ideas is back in circulation again. We have resolved some technical issues by now. And as we have returned I am glad to announce that our ideas have expanded to a wider coverage to make this site more relevant to its visitors.

This time we will be sharing more information in addition to religious topics and commentaries. From time to time we will be sharing information relevant to home and lifestyle with a Filipino touch. As much as practicable we will focus on the following daily topics:

Monday - Cooking ideas (recipes and others)
Tuesday - Family and Health issues
Wednesday - Home improvements (the physical side)
Thursday - Life experiences (stories of Christian experiences)
Friday - Whatever comes
Saturday and Sunday - Gospels

We also invite your suggestions for any relevant topics and prayer and counseling requests.

Thank you.


pehpot said...

nice one roms, mas madali talaga if you have certain topics for a day.. ganyan din log ko eh :)

naku I mreally missed blog hopping.. been in and out of the blog world since ondoy.. sira pa din internet connection namin..

Romy said...

Ahh.. ganun pala.. Ok lang, now I understand.