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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Termite control

As I was cleaning the backyard and trying to get rid of small wood cuts, waste from house construction, I noticed a huge colony of white insects feasting around. Termites! I was horrified.

One of common problems in houses build with wooden materials is termite attack. And this simple problem should not be taken for granted since it could lead to greater problems in the future. Reports even show that termites cause billions of dollars of damages to properties every year.

Termites are small insects that belongs to the family of the ants, bees, wasps, and the likes. They usually eat dead plant materials like woods, leaves, twigs, and other forms. Their colonies usually reach to thousand individuals the reason why they are so destructive and even considered as pests.

Control of these insects however have been studied and there are available remedies to counter the threats they pose on homeowners. A lot of sites discussed comprehensively about termites and I found one in I would not discuss the details here. You may refer to these sites for more information.

Going back to my predicament, I started to gather the rotten woods and dump them about 20 meters from the building line to prevent the colonies from moving into our walls. Although the lower part of the house are all concrete, there are wooden parts in the upper portion like the ceiling and trusses.

For now, the termite colonies maybe happy with their food in the dump site. But soon they will move to find new source of food and I guess by that time I should have employed termite control measures around the house.

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Sara said...

Hi Romy
I hope the termites stay away from your house!!!
Take care