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Saturday, July 24, 2010

About Trademarks

Every maker has its own trademark. You may just wonder, what is the trademark of God?

It amazed me to realize that from the smallest part of every matter to the largest system in the universe the trademark of the Lord is apparently seen. I am referring to the structure of the atom where electrons revolve around the nucleus. The same structure is seen in solar systems. Surprisingly this is also observable in societies. To become a strong society it must revolve around commonly accepted ideals and leadership. The same is true with every individual. Something or someone is in the middle of our life where our actions and our ways revolve.

The arrangement of having a source of strength and power in the center is and must have been the ideal arrangement. The atom become unstable if some part of its constituents are taken out. A society without a respected leader will be in chaos. When an electron is lost from the bonds of the central force it goes astray. And when a member of society detach himself from the accepted morals, he becomes renegade.

In my personal reflection, if I am a creation of God how does his trademark manifest in me? What or who rules in the center of my life. Well, I can humbly say that beginning from the time I accepted Jesus, He becomes the center of my life. And until this moment I still feel the pull of His loving force when I revolve around Him. There are times I am weak but His strength made me survive. And I thank the Lord for that.

How about you? You may choose to revolve around something material with temporal power or choose to revolve around God with omnipotence.

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