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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mushroom vs. humans

The mushroom is another wondrous creation of God. Besides being one of the largest member of a wide family of small organisms comprising the yeast and molds family, commonly called as Fungi, there are some characteristic in this fungus that strongly resembles some human idiosyncrasies.

One weekend morning while cleaning some loose twigs in the backyard I noticed this shiny white thing with some shades of brown over the crown (see photo). They weren't there yesterday From experience, i quickly recognized it as one of the edible wild mushrooms, whether it belongs to the pleurotus species or not I'm not quiet sure. But I was definitely sure it was edible so I picked it up. There were a few more around I had collected. When I checked it turned out some had been spoiled with the presence of worms.

I was amazed of how quick these fungi grows and how quickly they spoil. Just like mushrooms some people sometimes quickly shine to the apex of their religious faith and vanish as quickly as they surge. It is a natural thing, I feel, and just like mushrooms, if we do not "harvest" them while they are on their finest stage, put some spices, and cook them, then we could not eat them.

If you are a church leader, are you aware that there are mushrooms around your community? Then if you are, harvest them just before they fade and lose the value.

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