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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The signs of time

Do you think what are happening in the world today are signs of the end of time?

Surely, earthquake and tsunami in Japan, earthquake in New Zealand and Haiti, floods in Australia, Mexico, and other places, and wars in the Middle East are apocalyptic signs laid down in the Bible. But let us be reminded that these catastrophes co-exist with mankind in every generation increasing in magnitude such that the current generation would say, 'this is the worst.'

This only reminds us that the end-time would come to every individual in designated times. Along with such reminder we should understand that we are called to repent our sins now and not when we see the "signs.

In my silent moments I came to realize that this year's "major disturbances" happened mostly in rich countries. The Philippines had always been a center of different calamities in the past and we are still in the developing stage, short of becoming a rich country. But Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and others could attest what happened recently are their worst.  This certainly mean that God spares no one from suffering the consequences because this world is destined to end. What God promised long before is to save those who called Him and join His path of righteousness.

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