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Monday, October 29, 2007

Holy Spirit guided us

While on our way to the Cathedral where me, my wife and my eldest daughter was scheduled to serve the choir on the 6:30 AM mass, a moderately strong earthquake hit the town. Two aftershocks followed while we were already in the cathedral. Left in the house was our 14-year old boy, 10-yr old girl, and the 4-year old youngest boy, they were scheduled to attend the church ceremony in the nearby chapel.

What made me feel proud was when the little ones recollected their earthquake experience later when the family were reunited for lunch. The eldest boy whom we usually scolded for his lack of concern with his siblings and only focused his times on games managed to lead the others to safety during the scary moments.

"Kuya, lead us under the table when the things started to fall." recounted our little boy.

"And, he lead us to pray the rosary later." The girl commented.

I was happy, indeed, despite the irresponsible attitude of our kid, he has the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead his pack through the right way, especially during troubled times.

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