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Monday, November 12, 2007

Good things about death

My father passed away from present life last October 31, 2007 to a new life of immortality. He was almost 90 years, but I wasn't so definite about the figure for he doesn't have any records of birth, though his younger brother was born in 1919 as shown by a baptismal certificate.

In relationships many people say age doesn't matter, but in living age does matter for it measures your efficiency and effectiveness in handling your task, your mission on earth. The values of your accomplishment on earth divided by the year you lived would account your productivity. But many people may think this productivity has something to do with the wealth we accumulated on earth. No! and a big no!

My father have died with zero wealth, no money, no possessions, yet he may have greater productivity than a rich man who died with the same age. Nothing of the materials that we possess in this world can we bring to the next life. So how can you boast of your wealth.

What matters in the second life is the legacy that you left. Your productivity is measured by how you sow the seeds given by God through Jesus Christ, how you loved God and how you loved your neighbors. These are the ultimate measure of your efficiency.

The good thing about death is the accounting in favor of the oppressed in Jesus name; the reward of happy life after hardships in proclaiming God's glory; the claiming of the room in Heaven reserved for those who survived the temptations of the evil in this world; the final Glory.

Aren't that good? Then why should we mourn.

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