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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Glimpse of Community Works

I just want to share some of the happy moments I and my wife shared with my CFC community in one of our evangelization missions. The photos below were taken during a Christian Life Program in a rural community in Mapuyo, Kawayan, Biliran Province, PHILIPPINES.

The pictures
1. The trip (Saturday mission)
with the CFC sister wives who served as facilitators, music ministry, and prayer warriors. A 30-minute ride with a 10-seater multi-cab along a concrete road and another 1 hour along a dusty, muddy, bumpy road.
2. The music ministry conferring (with melody) on the songs to sing.
3. Sis Tess and Brod Pedi is our support couple from Cebu City Philippines. They have been with us on major events of the mission.
4. The Biliran CFC Council leaders are also with us in support of the mission. Cheers to Brod. Yaks!
5. The facilitators served also as waitresses during the dedication reception.

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