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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Generous story

I kept telling my children and even members of my Christian support group that no other value that could bring material and spiritual soundness to those who believe in Jesus Christ and God. I have made the illustration of such idea in a short story. I hope you have read The Christmas Ring. This is the free online version of the story I want to share.

The story inculcates on good values of generosity and kindness. It is a short fictional drama about a man who promised to buy a fortune ring for his wife. The rings seems to be out of reach since it is so expensive and produced from a foreign land. After ten years of hardships and savings he got the opportunity of having it directly from the foreign land where it was produced when he was sent by his employer to train in that land. Fortune was on his side as he was able to buy two more rings for his two kids. But fate really played him as he lost the three rings through some very unusual ways as he was returning home.

The problem was that his wife's obsession made her an absurd plan of breaking off from him if he lost that final chance of having the ring which he promised even during their wedding day ten years past. The man loved the woman so much that he needed to do something. Find out how the fortune rings really brough fortune upon the main characters of the story.

It's a simple story in very formal tone. If you haven't read it I have placed the link to the other blog I made especially for it. Please leave your comments.

Here is the link again, just click

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