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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life in the future

I was faced by a question from one of my friends saying "Do we need to sacrifice the current life for the life we are looking in the future?" I realized he was referring to Christians who sacrificed themselves, their happiness, time for enjoyment, treasures, and others, for the sake of proclaiming the gospels and helping other people even during worst situations or dangerous mission places, with the end view of earning an everlasting happiness in heaven.

Many people indeed would shrug a cold shoulder about the idea of sacrifice for the sake of life in the future. The attitude of any person relative to this idea is significantly correlated, if we equate them statistically, to their beliefs. For me, what value is the happiness of this world if the real life is in the other side. This is because I have faith in the promise of another life. But for the unbeliever there is no reason to sacrifice the precious life without any return. For them, life's sacrifices is meant to satisfy their current physical well-being, their current happiness and enjoyment whether from material or intangible inputs such as positive karma,prestige,praises, recognition,respect, power, and others.

Our physical side need all these things. Yes, believers are not exempt for the need of these materials, just as we need food, clothing, and shelter, but we need them as an instrument to augment our physical side for the struggles to push through with the plans of God laid ahead for us. But we should see to it that it would not become the end but the means for the greater glory ahead of us.

(Photo above reflects the joy derived from physical satisfaction within the boundaries of the present life, while at the backdrop the wide span of the blue sky represents the vastness of the real happiness of the next life awaiting those who understand the real value of sacrifices.)

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