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Thursday, July 10, 2008

On Intelligent Design

The long standing arguments about the origin of life on earth had gone so far. The ideas on Evolution against Creationism had created a hybrid in the "Intelligent Design" (ID)concept. ID became the buffer zone for those science oriented minds who do not believe on creation as written in the Bible.

I classify my stand as another hybrid of the ID. While I succumb to the teachings, about faith, God's love, and other Christian values,written in the Bible I consider some important sections in this Holy Book, that deals on the creation side, to be real but lacking in details. As science look into the minute structures of the cells and identify some sections of the DNA that caused descent with modification, it forces the issue that "Nature" (covering ecology, environmental factors,etc) dictates this modification. To me the very "Nature" science is referring to is the Intelligent Designer recognized by the "ID-ealists." Science is just providing the details of creation and has no right to invent new ideas.

An unending questions of hows and whys would lead to something unfathomable by the human standards. Why is the atomic structure similar to the solar system's arrangement? Is it a coincidence or what? Why does a DNA made in a so complex fashion? These are just few of the many wonders God created.

As we look into the picture of the plants having beautiful colors we should realize that a nature without an eye cannot fully appreciate such beauty. How then should such a beautiful thing created by mere descent and modification. It could only be created for someone having an eye to appreciate. And this someone is God who made all things and felt "that it was good." (This verse is the emphasis of the 1st Chapter of Genesis). Everything created was for the pleasure of God, including man and beast and plants.


sjeffh said...

If you are going to call a post 'On Intelligent Design', you have to spell the word 'intelligent' correctly. :-)

Guttu said...

I loved this post. And liked your blog. I'll be coming back.

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redkathy said...

Nice post. In response to spelling comment... try ff browser, it has spell check ;)