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Friday, August 8, 2008

Adventurism in Adolescents

Adventurism is a word that implies something beyond the normal course. The Merriam's online dictionary defined it "as improvisation or experimentation in the absence or in defiance of accepted plans or principles."

In relation to human development, adventurism is commonly accepted as a part of adolescent life. Although many adults are into such process in pursuit of their own social articulation struggles. The adolescent's own version of adventurism is different. It is meant on something else which could be harmful. Negative adventurism had been reported in areas of alcohol, drugs, sex, and other immoral activities.

As adults, we had been through this stage and realized the impacts of what we tried in the past beyond the ordinary way. These experiences could best arm us in dealing with our own children. I am sharing herewith a few simple tips on how to cushion the negative effects of adventurism. I want to highlight the following terms: guidance and presence.

Guiding the growing child doesn't require us to lay a detailed schedule of what they do. It would spoil their independence. Guidance also doesn't mean lecturing them about the repercussions of their actions. Most adventuring children do not listen to their parents. What I mean is simply showing them what are the effects of negative adventurism without telling them. One way is through sermons in church service. Another way is by flooding your home with reading materials about the negative issues of drugs, immoral sex, alcoholism, etc. This may seem hard but you can find ways to attract attention. Movies and short documentaries in TV can be another way. There are other ways out there that can help help realize and be guided without the sermons and violent encounters.

Presence with caring and love is the most important formula. Most adventurism are caused by detached relationships among family members. The more the parents are off contact with their adolescents, the greater chance that peer pressures will pull them into adventurism. Parents therefore should provide quality time and always be there in time when they need them.

Families are designed to shape the next generation and the greatest role of the parents is to raise children that would be the players of the next era. What is the use of the accumulated wealth when the children's character are left behind. Parents therefore must balance their priorities in terms of accumulating wealth and creating quality offspring through proper nurturing.

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