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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympics and 888

All eyes were focused on Beijing last Friday August 8, 2008 (or 888) as the 2008 Olympics commenced with a spectacular opening activities. We do not intend to recap the whole historic event here but for the guidance of the readers you can visit the Beijing Olympics official website at

What is so significant for China as far as the date is concerned is the figure 888. As believers of lucky charms, most Chinese people are really convinced the luck associated with it. The idea is of Cantonese origin. The Cantonese counterpart of eight sounds as 'Fa', meaning to have great fortune in the near future. In mathematics the figure 8 is similar to the symbol of infinity, while in other cultures 8 was used to represent universality and even made to represent the cosmic Christ.

We do not say that these are mere superstitions, but the effects of this beliefs are also associated with faith. Believing on one thing can make things work as one desires. However, the negative side of it would lead to obsession and is not healthy.

As long as these convictions never jeopardize the values man can freely live into it. But if these would cause something negative, we should control or even abandon the ideas. So far the figure 8 worked as an inspiration to be more productive as good luck seems achievable.

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zidane said...

olympic beijing
is amazing

bali-travel-tourism said...

good design

Michelle said...

I also agree with what you are saying. This is an exciting time for China... and adds promise for a better world!