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Friday, August 15, 2008

I am never too small to be insignificant

I admired people who, despite the stressful environment, survived with their own convictions without hurting others' feelings and pride, instead they inspire others to cope with them. One of which is a Christian brother from Couples for Christ (CFC), I know him as Brod Willy. With exchange of e-mails I was touched by a thought that I even asked him if I can post his message, which he allowed me to. Here are the contents of that message.

"I have my own convictions about the split [the split of CFC into IC and FFL, or whatever names] and it deeply saddens me that this had to happen. But God allowed it to happen in His own mysterious way and I believe it would be for the better in the long run. As Aristotle says, the unexpected brings about the truth. When a surprise catches us off guard, our true instincts emerge, and I believe our community will be stronger in unity eventually in His time. I think it is better for you not to bother yourself with these issues, but to continue in your new found faith. I always marvel at conversions and all these pales in comparison to the blessing that you have found your way home in the body of Christ. Let those at the top worry about it and yes, let the legal process resolve the issue. In due time our community will come to terms with what really happened and how we forge ahead all the better and wiser for God's greater glory.

One like you, may be "a small part of the community", but certainly one is never too small to be insignificant. I learned this from Henry Nouwen. Community is like a large mosaic. Each individual piece has its own unique characteristics and you can do very little with each piece individually. But when you bring them together, you have one big mosaic portraying the face of Christ. This is what community is all about, a fellowship of little people who together make God visible in the world. Remove one piece and the face is incomplete.

Brod Romy, you are that one piece. And you are there for a purpose."

PS: You can also visit Brod Willy's blog for his other thoughts and ideas. The site is Random thoughts and musings.

Thank you brod Willy.

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