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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our home

A home, a shelter, or a house of physical structure, is a necessity and a basic need for every individual. But not everybody owns one. Report even showed that homelessness affects about 100 million people around the world in 2005 (Capdevilla, 2005). For me, although the real home is the spiritual place prepared by God, a physical place to dwell is also a gift that God gives to those who asked.

Our family, my own family, is classified under the average income bracket having a size of six and a meager income just above the $1 a day line set by the UN. Living within this condition may not be easy as you think of how to budget every penny that comes into your "Treasury Department." With the rising cost of education, medicine, and everything you think of, budgeting becomes even worse. At the end of the day your funds are not even enough to supply the basic needs food and clothing, and rent for shelter. For those who have no access to housing loan facilities forget about having to own a house.

But despite the challenges, with God's grace, we were able to put up a small house with nature surrounding us, minus the housing loan. Our home is unfinished yet but I felt God will help us complete it in his time just as he facilitated every ways that lead us to having it.

Photo above shows the unfinished house I personally designed. I know there's a lot of things to be done yet but funds are still out for further construction. Yes, I know money will just come in through God's grace.

Capdevila, Gustavo, 2005, "HUMAN RIGHTS: More Than 100 Million Homeless Worldwide", IPS, Geneva.


WillyJ said...

hi bro romy,
Its a good thing to be close to nature, it's one of those things i sorely miss. But you're right, the real home is where God dwells, where peace, love and harmony reign. The best home there is. God bless your home.

Ojy said...

Once you've got love in your home thats all that matters.
I have a blog @

Romeo L. Dignos said...

Thanks brod willy and ojy