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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Giving as a virtue

Home of good ideas have been talking about Christian values that are best nurtured in the family, and we beat on generosity as one of the best virtues. We equate God with all the generosity we experienced by giving us a life, free air, light, and every things that abound in nature. Of course, they all belong to Him. But man can be in the likeness of God if we consider that we have a lot of gifts to share to others.

Mostly, people think of material richness as a requirement to being generous. Generosity does come from the state of the quality of your living. It is a character that both rich or poor can have. It is an attitude every person must develop in order to manifest his love for God and for others.

But how can a poor be generous? Generosity is not counted by the volume of material things you shared. It could be measured by how much you did in terms of doing the mission God gave us on earth.

Time, and talents, are equated to treasure. If we lack the treasure we have the talents and the time to serve God and our neighbors.

As Clyde and Dee Kilough from said "If we are generous with these gifts that cost us nothing, the rewards are greatest. Luke 6:38 explains that when we give, we will receive in great abundance. We do not give in order to receive, but that is God’s reward. Proverbs 28:27 carries a promise from God that the giver will not lack." Therefore, they continue "Be a wise and cheerful giver."


Sam Gray said...

Yap.. its very true that our time and talents can be a great investment. We have to be smart and invest it at the right place. As for me the Kingdom of God promises the best return for eternity. Keep up the good work

Gaya said...

i found your site through linkreferral but i bookmarked it because there's something about your posts and the way you write that emanates goodness... your sincerity touches the heart. hope it's okay if i add a link to your site in my blog. God bless!

rdignos said...

Thanks Gaya, no problem. I will also add yours in my link list.