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Saturday, September 13, 2008

A home needs a woman

I especially created this short article to pay my respect to every woman in every family.

There's is no special occasion to celebrate and to tell. What came into my mind is the word from an unknown wise man who once said "a house without a woman, is like a body without a spirit.” Just as a family needs a man to be the pillar a woman gives light into the home for without her, life would not be easy for the rest of the family.

But that was then. The scenario is different now as the organic family structure is being threatened by changes in the ways of life in developed countries and even in developing ones. Homes have recently changed its composition. In today's world men lives with men, women with women, and worse, human with animals. Behold, what has become of us and think what would we become in the future.

God created humans with the need for a relationship between man and woman. That was the reason why Eve was created from the rib of Adam.This is God's plan. He wanted them to unite with respect and love so that they will continuously praise Him.

But we humans wanted everything to do it our way. We don't want the conventional we make new and unique things even jeopardizing the rules God put it in nature. As a result we suffer the consequences of our actions with new diseases, broken homes, and other social problems.

But we can still do things right. Let us go back and analyze the blueprint God laid for us. Let us live into a family with a man and a woman running a home with God in the center of it. Life is not easy yet everything can be hurdled with God in our side as we strive to achieve His plan for us.

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sborg said...

I cannot imagine living at home without the glue of our family, my beloved wife! I totally agree with you!

Jenny Fletcher said...

However you believe the world was made or humanity evolved, we are all different and there are all types of families and households.

Society has made a lot of people very unhappy in the past because they have had to hide their true natures and either remain single and have same-sex relationships. Or they have married to keep their parents happy and made themselves and their partners desperately unhappy.

I'm not gay, but I do really get angry when I see homophobia in print and in action.

Believe and live as you wish, but let others do the same without persecution - please.

Romy said...

I don't intend to counter your absolute right because I know everyone is entitled to its opinion. My point is that we should not allow the exercise of right beyond what is ethical and moral to the point of even legalizing the immoral acts like abortion and same sex marriage.