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Monday, January 26, 2009


I have to move my office again. Well, I have settled in different locations both my office and residence since I gained my independence as an adult. In a decade I guess I have moved about five times.

I'm telling you this because I know a lot of you have experienced the feelings of moving out and settling in a new place. There's the feeling of hassle but there's also the excitement.

First the discomfort. I have to formulate a team to manage the packing and unpacking, then come cleaning, hauling, and arranging the office files, furniture, equipment, and my personal things such as books, frames, and others. Added to these are the transfer of telephone lines, cables, Internet connections, plus the cost of doing so. Service providers also charge us some amount for the transfer of location.

In most cases transfer of location carries with it some benefits like reduced operational cost, more comfortable operational flow of the organization, and a change in location to break out boredom caused by the usual daily scene. Of course these positives are taken in a case to case basis.

Whatever is the ins and outs of the transfer we can still work things out as long as we cope and adjust with every new place, new people around, and new opportunities brought about by the movement.

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Freeallcards said...

I've always found moving to a new place exciting. There's something to it that makes you look forward to something good that's going to happen.

Thanks for sharing!