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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Angels saved me

I was spared by an almost fatal accident yesterday by of course no other than my Angels. And I thanked and praised God so much for that.

I was returning to office from home after lunch driving my old Kawasaki HDIX motorcycle, actually its the office service bike, when the near accident happened. The 2 lane concrete road that lead to my office was declared one-way road by the local government to give way to the growing number of motorists. I was moving at a speed of about 30-40 kph because there was few vehicles on the road moving in the same direction, obviously because it's one-way traffic. About 60-70 meters ahead in the next corner I noticed another motorcycle turned in the left lane of one-way road and moved opposite our direction. "Another hard headed violator," I thought. Then he stopped almost by the center of the left lane while turning his back from where he came from, I guess sensing if some traffic enforcer had seen him. I was moving by the left lane so I slowly shifted to the right. I continued driving thinking he would just stop there but to my surprise he turned and moved slowly directly across my path without looking for incoming traffic. I was then less than 50 meters from him so I tried to apply my rear brakes not intending to stop but slow down in order not to hit him but let him pass through. Noticing however too late and in panic that I was coming, he stopped just in front of my path. I did not know what to do so applied full brakes. By the distance of about 10 meters or less and moving 20-30kph I was desperate and believe I would really hit him hard.

At that instance, nothing came to my mind but the scenario of a fatal accident. In split seconds I was thinking where do I gonna find the money to pay for my hospitalization and the other person as well. I am in financial trouble so an accident would be an added burden.

Something happened suddenly I could not understand. I did not apply my front brakes because if I do so there's a chance I would be thrown off from the bike by my inertia. To my surprise the rear wheel skid and moved faster than the front which made the bike twirled and my rear turned almost 90 degrees from where I was heading. By the time I was about to hit the other biker our bikes were parallel each other sparing me from the dangerous hit. My right arm was hit by the other bike's right end of the handle bar. But it was not that hard. His right leg was also hit softly by my front wheel as we moved in opposite direction avoiding the collision.

The bystanders was astounded by what happened as if they have witness a choreographed stunt scene in a movie.

I was really thankful there was not even a single scar. I know it was the work of the spirit that spared me from the mess. And I learned some lesson from here that, "No matter how we are watchful of our actions, Satan is working to make us fall. Therefore let us always ask God to be with us all the time."