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Monday, January 19, 2009


The sun hid almost throughout the day yesterday until it showed by sundown and gave a spectacular scene, at least from our location, with lighted clouds and the band of spectral colors arched in the sky(See photo below). I was amazed with the sight as it reminded me of the promise God had given to Noah (Gen 9:9-17).

But what's the connection about this with positivism?

Well, yesterday was a big day for Visayan people, Cebucanos in particular living throughout the country and the world, because of the Sinulog festival in honor of the Patron Saint of Cebu, City the Sr. Sto. NiƱo (The Child Jesus). I was monitoring the events on TV and earlier that day I heared the TV anchors praising God for the lull of the Northwest monsoon winds or "Amihan" which had caused misery to several areas of the country with strong winds and large waves. The reporters thanked the Almighty for not bringing the rain during that particular time and concluded "it was a blessing."

But later in the afternoon the rain poured suddenly making the streets wet and the millions of people who joined the celebration took the shades of their umbrella and whatever means available. The street dancers and the organizers of the Mardi Gras made changes to the location of the presentations to prevent accidents due to wet and slippery platforms. Then I heared the TV commentators again praising God again for the rains calling it "a blessing." I smiled and said to myself, "What a nice positive outlook!"

In the same ocassion two opposing conditions were turned into both positive by positivism. Filipinos are noted for such character. We can laugh during the time of harships because we know that ahead of us is a promise, a covenant, that we can live a healthy life with positive outlook.

Positivism, what a nice idea!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Roms,

Im the worst of writer/ correspondent if you may say. I admit i rarely react to all the messages you've sent me. One is that sometimes i just don't have the time or my condition does not warrant it. Or sadyang gin huhubya gud la.

Sorry that i don't agree to all these practices like your Sinulog. Pero to his its own man ada so no more comments na la ak.

Just keep on these writings of yours will develop your ability to decipher things. More so if you put this (enthusiasm) in your job also as a Director and you'll see you'll accomplish more.

Gud nite,