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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Unsatisfying human wants

It is really puzzling to note that we agree we can't find contentment in material and abundance of wealth yet many people are struggling to accumulate these things and in some cases at the expense of other people's rights and one's morality. Why? They say it's because wealth gives power and security.

We know a lot of prominent people with amassed wealth who ended up in dwindled dignity, ruined public image, and a negative lesson to learn with. I don't need to mention them one by one, but yes I agree to what you are thinking. So and so was one of them. They exist in every state and every town and they may even exist within our own family, they might be within ourselves.

Yes, most of those who struggle for material richness and have them also have the power, but they were not really secured. Take the case of Solomon, he had a thousand wives but did not find one that made him happy (1 Kings 11, Ecclesiastes 7:28). And his wickedness crushed him within the eyes of the Lord. People who are materialistic could find contentment on materials. Their wants are unsatisfying.

Material richness is not bad but discontentment is what ruins it. Being satisfied is another virtue that we should nurture for its is the key to harvesting the fruits of our labor. This would lead to peace of mind and joy. Without gratification the soul would endeavor to work hard and kill oneself with struggles depriving the chance to be happy.

Well then, which way should we follow the path to joyfulness in contentment or fate in discontentment?


misty said...

you are so right kuya romy, a lot of people are being caught up with marialiasm..

joops said...

So true, too much commercialization I guess!

chubskulit said...

di kasi makuntento eh..