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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who says Smoking habit is hard to fight?

I am tempted to share my own version of fighting smoking as a habit because I am challenged when I hear people say it is so hard. The good thing is, I used no drugs and withdrawal medications.

I started smoking at the age of twenty and this vice really "imprisoned" me during the height of my being "with the World." From a stick each meal my smoking habit even reached to two packs a day even on normal times and would even go higher during drinking sessions. The craving was irresistible by the time I was in the 30's and I felt I was addicted already. I developed what they call "a smoker's cough," and such cough would come frequently. I was not alarmed but reasoned out, it was normal, just as other smokers told me. Although I felt some people, even my family, would through malicious eyes on me whenever they sensed the odor of smoke from my shirts, I did not seem to care. By that time, I haven't thought of stopping until I reached the turning point.

My first attempt of quitting was during a drinking session when out of nothing at all my drinking buddies threw a challenge as to whom among us could manage to stop smoking. I bet I could make it so I stand to my belief "I was God myself" and could control my own body. I made it in one year without tobacco. But I returned to puffing smoke again and said to myself its really hard. Well, I thought, there was no reason I should stop; I was well, I could afford it; my friends do the same; and it was a pleasure.

But the challenge came to me again a few months after my conversion from atheism and my immersion in the evangelistic mission and bringing people to closer relationship with God. It evolved during a talk delivered by an elder of my Christian support group. The talk made mention of the manifestations of the gift of the Holy Spirit and stated that if I am really serious in changing my ways I could do it with the guidance of God's power. By eliminating just a single vice I could show proof of my own commitment to change. "Why not?" I told myself then.

Medications of all medications was what I used to fight the craving. I prayed and meditated and asked God to help me survive the temptations. And yes, He did helped me. I am now on my third year as quitter of smoking.

I realized that no matter how determined a person is in stopping or fighting a vice, he would be unsuccessful without Spiritual guidance. This case maybe unique for me, but I guess it could be replicated with other cases if they would use the same medication I used and that is, I say it again, guidance of the "Holy Spirit."

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Once said...

pokoke stop smoking he..he.. in fact i am smoker he..he.. i really wanna stop it but it's so hard man. I reduce it.

WillyJ said...

Hi bro, now you're my inspiration. I am a light smoker but hope and pray I could quit too.
Happy New Year!

Keith said...

Thats right! only through the guidance of the Holy Spirit you can achieve!

maxi said...

my boyfriend started smoking when he was 15. he got addicted to it and found it difficult to give up.

but when he met me and knew that I was suffering from a heart disease and it's dangerous for me to be inhale cigarette smokes, at once, he stopped.

i need not force him to do it. he just stopped.

if you have a goal and determination to give up something, you can do it even if it's as addictive as cigarettes.

nice blog! can we please exchangelinks?