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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big day for Catholics

Lent is once again officially, or shall I say "spiritually" on the air beginning with the symbolic Ash Wednesday on February 25. Many Catholics are expected to flow in masses to their churches for marking of the foreheads with ashes.

The season of lent covers forty days from February 25 to April 11 (excluding Sundays). Its practice is based on Jesus Christ's 40 days of sacrifice in the wilderness prior to His ministry. Every Catholics are encouraged to reflect and cleanse themselves from sins in preparation for the coming of the King.

Different people view the event in different ways.But what is so significant about the day for us Catholics? For me, it's a period of cleansing.

It was during the period of lent in 2006, if I remember it right, that I dedicated my withdrawal from smoking. I decided to sacrifice my vise to the Lord. For forty days I did not smoke then the day following Easter Sunday I lighted a stick of cigar and puff the smoke. It taste so bad so I finally decided not to smoke anymore. Thank God.

Tomorrow is another challenge. Maybe I could start to be more patient and be more productive for the next forty days. We have lots of bad habits we can rid of anytime, but it is more meaningful and the fight easier if we do it with God'd help.

So why not join me for 40 days?

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