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Friday, February 20, 2009

I Sing Praises

We were having our family bonding time last night after dinner. We were watching the local TV show, "May Bukas Pa," a story of a miracle Boy who heals many types of illnesses in the village because he is helped by Jesus whom the boy can personally talk with.

As we exchange comments, my wife asked me about the lyrics of a song which she didn't know the title and neither do I. So we asked Edu, our 5 year old boy who is also fond of "Santino," the TV show hero, to sing the song. There were three songs he sang but the clearest one is named "I Sing Praises," which I later know from the net. These songs however don't have connections with the TV show, what make them relevant is that they are matters of praises to the Lord.

I have posted here the video of the song with Edu singing and I added some lyrics on it. It seems he is trying hard, but I am fascinated by his effort. I guess he practiced in school for their regular monthly Eucharistic celebration (mass).


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valerie lynn said...

How adorable is he! I love hearing little children singing praises to the Lord! Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I am so sorry I forgot to put your link on my blog. Please forgive me, but know this your link is now on my blog roll. God bless and keep singing praises to the Lord!