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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Window of the Spirit

Isn't it amazing how God is so generous to us that He gave us the chance to share His joy by looking at His masterpiece - nature's beauty? Our eyes and our vision is a gift that we must value and protect at all times. It is the window of our Spirit.

But because of the changing lifestyle and the advent of electronics, our eyes had become over exposed to threats and daily dose of destruction. The Eye Diseases Prevalence Research Group, as cited in All About Vision ( reported in 2004 that “without improvements in preventing and treating eye disease, the number of blind or visually impaired Americans 40 and older will grow from 3.4 to 5.5 million in 2020.” It is quiet alarming prediction. And it is something we need to address.

Well, prevention is still better than cure, but today’s social environment contributes a lot to eye disease occurrence. Longer exposure to radiation: television, computer monitors, electronic gadgets and lifestyles such as longer waking periods reading habits, and a lot more are contributory causes to eye problems.

When we cannot prevent the disease however, there are simple to complicated cures. And the easiest way is using eye glasses. I use one myself. Glasses are very useful to correct your vision and prevent possible further damage.

To help you enjoy more of nature’s show you can have a functional eyeglasses as low as $8 that’s because the frame is priced low yet of optimum quality. Try finding it at Zenni Optical who crafts and sells their own frames thereby eliminating channels along the value chain, the reason for the low price. An average eyewear costs about $118. The New York Times even recommends it as the cheapest alternative.

I love the Aluminum Alloy model #3663 (see inset photo) because of its light grey color that suits with my preference and very convenient and comfortable to wear. You can choose from variety of other models that also suits your need.

So why then should you worry about enjoying the nature’s show when you can find help with eye glasses?


Willie said...

Yes. It is wonderful to have properly working pair of eyes. It's one of God's greatest gift to us.

East said...

I would be glad to visit the shop. Thank you for sharing.

Madel said...

I never like to wear eyeglasses, but I might need one when I get old whether I like it or not lol.