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Monday, February 16, 2009

There is time for everything

In the process of growing in the Spirit it is sometimes useful to wait for the right time. God always provides a hint when such right time arrives. But God provides us the choice when this right time is.

I was offered lately to lead a greater responsibility within our Christian community, from handling a few couple to serving several groups of Christian couples. It is a great task which would require a lot of sacrifices both time and finances. Analyzing what made me suited for the task, I could not find any concrete reasons and answers to my question "Why me?" I don't have the finances nor the mobility; I don't even have my own vehicle. These and a lot of others concerns made me think twice. Am I going to accept the task?

So I asked God about it trusting he would give me an answer by all means. Last Saturday I received a message in my e-mail, which I thought would be a hint from God. I was awed by the timeliness of the message which says "Growth Takes Time!" I may sound biased to my own conviction but judging from my four years in this community I feel I still need the nurturing and the care to grow. I still feel I am immature to take the responsibility.

I know God does not choose the qualified but qualifies the chosen, yet the message told me "the decision to begin growing is always ours." I am not saying no to the work, for it is meant for God's vineyard but I asked God to give me the right time and lead me to understand when that right time is.

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chubskulit said...

I love that song kuya romy...

Your capabilities and compassion are the main reasons why you are chosen.. Be glad!