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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The heart of worship

I have been in the community that regularly worships God through weekly gatherings. But it was just lately I understood worship was not just in a form of songs and prayers but also in every actions that we do. Anent to that I realize worship is not about satisfying my own desire but really to amuse God!

It was my understanding before that when I worship God in any form, I must also be satisfied. Singing and dancing to praise the Lord keeps your spirit also high, but sometimes there are other distraction, noises that makes you annoyed. You feel the solemnity of your worship becomes reduced. Or you felt like singing the other song yet the music ministry sang another. It gets you less active in the singing. Others even complain within their selves or with the nearest brother or sister about what they do not like. But this is not the way it should be. Worship is not after all for you but for God.

Believing that the heart of worship is the Lord requires a faithful to focus his mind to the Lord and not his needs. In the midst of all distractions you can praise and satisfy God without bothering if you are comfortable or not. Do not worry for God listens by the heart not by the ear. When the tune doesn't fit your taste listen and recite the lyrics, for sure it contain lines of praises and thanksgiving to God. Go deep into the meaning of what you are doing. Reach out for the heart of the worship. Reach out to God and set out your ego.

Since work can be a form of worship we should consider that it is not meant to satisfy us but God. Whether we are doing our own job, or having missionary works, or tending our family, we should do it for the glory of God.

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Well said....
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