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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The priceless medication

Fear of diminished security due to declining economic conditions of the world has been in the air since the year 2009 started or even earlier. Mass lay-offs, firms closing, increased criminal activities such as theft and robbery, and a lot of other chaotic scenes like economic sabotage. But people don't seem to recognize that the cause of all these disorders is the lack of the best medications God could offer- and that is LOVE.

The world is highly segmented. Each nation is working for the sake of its interest. There are developed countries who seem to care for their impoverished neighbors. But the main reasons for such is not anchored on the virtues of Love. I maybe judgmental but it is mostly the case. I don't want to mention anyone nation here but for sure you understand what I mean and you can count so much out of your fingers.

Now, if people really care within the context of LOVE, there could have been no problem such as so much poverty, hunger, and war. Would you believe it if they say God allows this problems to occur? I don't think so. Man is inherently stubborn, just as you and I wanted freedom to express ourselves. Freedom to neglect God's ways. Then if we use this freedom to follow God's commandments for sure we can turn the tide around. The rich share their wealth to feed the needy. Rich nations should begin helping the poor ones no matter if they have oils, minerals, and other nature's resource or not.

All of this world's problem can only be solved through God's priceless medication: First loving Him, then loving our neighbors. But it's too hard, isn't it? Yet it is possible, so why don't we start now?

Photo from depicting a hand that reaches out for love.

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