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Monday, March 9, 2009

Becoming rich is a choice

This is a rejoinder of my previous post which reminds everyone, not only my fellowmen but every human on earth that poverty and richness is a personal choice. Of course, I am saying this figuratively.

This idea came to me as I read about the Parables of the Talent in Matthew 25:14-30. Each person is given the talents and capabilities to survive in this world. It is by choice whether the use of these gifts are maximized or not for the person's benefits. And one more thing, satisfaction is a state of mine. The abundance of something does not always bring contentment. A poor man can be happy while the rich sad. It is by how a person views life that makes one fulfilled. And the best values and full satisfaction I only learned by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. But I may sound hypocrite if I will not admit sometimes I also have my worries. Giving these worries to God makes my problems lighter and easy to handle.

In achieving spiritual fulfillment I only focus on two things, that I am in this world to follow God's will and to live harmoniously with His creations by loving nature and other people. It is easy, you can do it yourself.

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