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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The day for Women

There is a growing notion that today's world has become feminist.

I especially touch on this controversial issue since March is also considered Women's Month and March 8 particularly the International Women's Day.

A growing number of programs, laws, movement, and other social concerns worldwide put great emphasis on women that oftentimes even show bias against the once dominant sex, the male. Competition as far as jobs, elected political positions, organizational leadership, and others have became tough between sexes. It even came to a point that in some cases women outscores men.

Well, there are in fact some reasons for insecurities for men because there are more things a woman can do than a man. I am a man but I admit all things a man can do can also be done by a woman but not otherwise. Men can't bear offspring. These are among the reasons why the male is becoming inferior and come to think of it, homosexual men are even increasing in number. I don't know precisely the reason why. Then a shocking statistic show that there are even more battered husband than a battered wife.

In fairness to men like me I would like to think that if there are disparities between the roles of the sexes it is for the better and for the societies good. In fact home is harder without a woman. So men out there love your woman.


Elyong said...

While i support the fight for women's rights, there are those who went too far.

Happy Women's Day.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Were has all the men gone? ... Wait I know.. eaten up by feminism! Cheeky Cherry