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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Sankai" Wine

If you noticed I have posted a sort of an ad in the right column of this blog. The ad includes a picture of a bottle of red wine and an order button below it.

Actually, the product is a wine produced from the coconut sap fermented using natural stock of fermenting yeast with a blend of natural tanbark which made it astringent and full of anti-oxidant agents, which are good for the body. I produced it myself as an output of my study in food science. The term "sankai" is a local dialect which means friend. The wine therefore is a symbol of friendship based on our local traditions.

I posted it for interested local buyers in the Philippines. The buy now button leads through a payment form using Paypal. However, local buyers may contact us through our e-mail address: or via this post for the most convenient paying methods. We also accept orders via out local phone line (053)500-9347.

The supply is limited since it is our trial production.

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