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Monday, April 27, 2009

Caring for God's work

The work of spreading the Good News is not only proclaiming God's love and salvation for all, it also calls for protecting the temporal home, the Earth that we lived in. Without this place, God's plan could have been carried out in a different arena and of different strategies.

Protecting the environment and caring for the plants, animals, and the people are also an important concern of a Christian. It is sad to note that a lot of environmental problems today are caused by the unconcern of people. Global warming, pollution of all sorts, and moral degradation are a product of human's neglect of the real value of God's work.

Amid this things, it is good to find organizations, private companies, and even individuals who cared for God's creation. Greenpeace is a typical example of an organization who cared for environmental protection. But there are also others out there who do laudable efforts to protect creation in a moral way. Well, I say this because there are animal activists who seem to care but are doing things in radical ways.

There are companies who support organizations that provide homes for stray animals. And it is worth mentioning them. One is Wilmington NC Real Estate a private real estate business who provide support to societies who help rescue homeless animals. Their main line of business is providing homes to people and yet they think of the social responsibility of helping other parts of God creation, by providing homes to animals.

These works are indeed great. It is a good idea which people should also consider doing.

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deandean said...

Indeed, there are people who find time for projects like that and people who acknowledge their efforts are worth mentioning too. After all, every noble cause need some moral support.

Goodnight, Romy.