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Monday, August 24, 2009

Coping up with single parenting

The basic element of the social structure - the family is under severe transformation in today's world. One of these changes is the reshaping of its organic structure, which is traditionally a mother, father, and children composition, to single parent family and others.

Since God did not design it this way, people within this type of arrangements may find it hard to cope with the demands of added responsibility. Imagine a single parent working by day and nursing at night. In some cases when time element is tight, the parent-child bonding is jeopardized in exchange of earning for living.

Without support, people in a situation of single parenting may suffer emotional trauma and stress that would lead to depression. To echo out sentiments and feelings is a way to relieve stress and this can be obtained through community support groups whether religious, civil, or other types.

When social structure is under attack, the best way to survive the rain is to hold hand with others who got rained on too. Much more, let the Lord hold you and believe that there's no storm so dark, He cannot calm.

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deandean said...

Very good post, Romy, though I wouldn't say I enjoyed reading it because it's a little sad that situations are sometimes like that. But still, I think it's a good post.

Thanks for sharing.