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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Principles of Association

"Birds of the same feathers flock together." It sounds familiar, and it sounds obsolete. Yes, so many of the old societies' sayings and traditions are becoming outdated with the coming advancement in information and communications, electronics, fashion, and others. But there is one existing tradition that remained strong despite the challenges of the social "structures and arrangements" and that is "the principles of association."

The need for connection among others in a society composed of different segments, functions, likes, needs, and other things is felt in order to become relevant and recognized. "No man is an island" is the common saying that goes with it. Take for example the lawyers, the athletes, the writers, and many other homogeneous social groups; they associate because of purpose and commonality. By so doing, it make them agree on things easier for their common good. Then, within this specialized group comes other division in so far as sex, age, and racial backgrounds.

We take a specific look at the cyberspace, forum groups are also divided and associated as far as age, sex, and likes are concerned. By means of specialized group chats, people of the same needs can share their concerns, problems, and ideas that would help one another. For seniors, problems like health, companionship, finances, and others can be discussed.

No doubt, the principles of association would stand the test of time.

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