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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Success comes from serving others

I was surfing the net the other day about "Electrical Engineering" and the employment opportunity with this career since my son who is moving to college by June 2009 is planning to take the course as a preparation for a much greater plan. Well, as I shared here before, he planned to go on priesthood but financial constraints hinder us this moment.

As I browsed the pages I read these words: "success comes from serving others," printed on the first line of a site that offers electrical services. The site is ran by All Phase Electrical Services, LLC, offering services generally for residential buildings and home electrical needs. The site offers ideas on how to find and where to find the best St.Louis electrician, and other tips in having the best electrician services. Interested clients can even contact their representatives through the site or through direct lines.

I am impressed by the way the group shared the ideas of "service" as a rewarding virtue. Sometimes people think about the return, the pay, the prestige gained by helping and serving others. But Jesus clearly spoken of selfless "service" manifested by his carrying of the cross and dying for others. And look what Jesus Christ gained, He become the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. His name becomes the Name above All Names.Indeed success is one of the rewards for serving others.

My quest for information for my son has gained me a lot through the site not only with the technical information it contained but also the good ideas and good Christian values it shares with the clients.

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