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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Talking in different line

I want to share to you this little story narrated by the Kilough's from Its kinda funny but they happen in real life and sometimes causes broken relationships. Here it goes...

Harry and Sally sat on their back porch enjoying the summer breeze.

Harry was listening to the sound of crickets and commented on how crickets sure can sing.

Sally agreed, but her mind was concentrating on the choir singing at a nearby church service.

“Beautiful music isn’t it?” Sally asked.

“Yes,” Harry responded, “And to think they make that sound by rubbing their legs together.”

When people talk without tuning in to the same level and channels misunderstanding sometimes occur. There are extreme cases that relationships are affected because one party is speaking of one thing and the other another thing. And it's always late to find the errors; when damaging reactions have been thrown; and hurting comments have been shared.

It is always a good idea to clarify every statements you hear by thinking first before reacting. And it is always a better idea to ask when things are unclear. It's always better be called deaf than to say things out of context.

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