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Monday, June 29, 2009

My daugther is back home

After having quarantined for more than ten days, my daughter is finally back home once again. She's well and thanks to all the prayers and support.

She recalled that the experience was both stressful but exciting. Having dealt with the medical personnel daily in their dormitory and the restrictions of getting out was the main cause of the pressures. Just imagine being grounded for ten days without the gimmicks, the malling, and others. That's boring for teens like them.

But having been close together for 10 days make the bond among room mates closer. And that was fun having to share bedtime horror stories and other "make up" gimmicks.

Above all, the A(H1N1) scare has subsided and in fact the Health Department declared the virus is highly manageable with common flu cures. However, everyone is advised to be prepared.


pehpot said...

That is so good to hear, I am glad that she is ok now :)

Make or Break

Roms said...

Yes Pehpot, Thanks!