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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Faith reduces weight

While many are desperate to find an effective solution to obesity problems, here were are reminded that such situations could be solved through faith. But of course "...with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)."

I am not talking here about "weight reduction" figuratively. I mean it literally. A study conducted in the US showed that a Faith based weight loss intervention program resulted to better weight reduction performance compared to standard non faith based programs (Fitzgibbon,, 2005). The approach integrated scriptural readings and teaching in every sessions. Readings selected are relevant to the sessions undergone by the participants.

Obesity and other lifestyle related health problems are associated with self-discipline. The idea that alcoholism, overeating, drug addiction, smoking are forms of sinfullness because it harms the body-the Temple of the Spirit, is a good starting point in this faith-based programs. Doing away with these habits requires self-control. With faith integration there is a better chance a person can exercise discipline. In addition, the existence of support groups with the same aspiration encourages a person to pursue the goals, such as weight reduction, alcohol withdrawals, and other similar behaviors.

I think it is time existing weight reduction programs and other physical rehabilitation facilities consider integrating Faith into their approach.

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