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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Appreciating good deeds is a virtue

People normally criticize others promptly for a misbehavior even how small. But oftentimes, people ignore to appreciate the good deeds of others.

We hear our colleagues complain our co-employees, neighbors complain about the public officials, and we personally complain about the performance of our buddies in office, our partners (spouse particularly for married ones) at home, and even our brothers and sisters. It is natural to murmur about others mistakes. But of course we have experience being complained with. Nobody is perfect anyway.

But have we tried to appreciate others for doing good. Well, a lot of people also do it. But most do not. I am not being judgmental, but I observed this in my every walk, in the mall, the street, and even the church. Other motorist do not thank you for rendering road courtesy. People will not thank you for throwing the food wrap in the garbage bin. But, as I said, people who practice the virtue of appreciating others learned to casually say "thank you" in every good act received or observed.

People considered doing the right thing is normal and need not be appreciated. Diversion from the normal is a violation of social norms and therefore needs to be complained at. Doing good in class is normal while failing requires a sermon. To tell the truth is ordinary but to lie to the people is a public sin and opens criticism.

The sad thing is no matter how many good things you have done it would be jeopardized because of at least a single misconduct. "When I am right nobody remembers; when I am wrong nobody forgets!" a saying goes.

I remember one time when I was early in the airport (NAIA). I was eating hotdog sandwich with a cup of iced tea since I was not able to take my breakfast in the hotel. There were few passengers yet and the terminal is quiet. After completing the food I threw the waste into the bin segregating the plastic from the tissue paper. Then I heard someone shouted, "Thank you!" I turned my head and saw a woman sitting on the other bench staring at me with a smile. I smiled back in appreciation of her kind acknowledgment of a good act.

It was a simple act yet it created an impact to me to strive to do the same every time. It even made my day to see nice people around. It is a good virtue which needs to be followed. So the next time you wake up and find your wife doing the dinner, thank her. If your husband put the laundry in the basket, thank him.

Make someone else's day, be appreciative of good deeds.

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Jesus said...

Well said! I appreciate the values shared in your site. Keep up the good works brother.