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Friday, July 17, 2009

Give credit where credit is due

Many times I've read article from different blog sites that use the idea from other sites but do not give credit to the source or just even a mere mention of the site. Is it because each one of us strive to appear original? For me, it's not a good idea, why not give credit to where credit is due?

Plagiarism is a crime but the complexity of it's control systems makes writers ignore it. You can copy as many unique ideas posted in the Internet and mark it as your own. You can even manipulate the date you've written the article to be earlier than the original post. Or you can just change the original concept. Fine! But conscience, your conscience, knows you are guilty of a crime. The fact is, you are not cheating others; you are cheating yourself. It is said, stealing no matter how small is still stealing.

Why are we afraid to give credit to others? I think it is simple to say, "this idea is inspired by" or the story is based on the post of "Mr Soand So from" Why do we hesitate to put a link to the original thought? Sometimes we even hesitate to click a paid ad no matter how interesting it is because we think it is commercial and would benefit the site only.

Whatever it is that we think, I wish to remind every writer that everyone has his own good idea, and every good idea deserves to have credit. Only gossips do not wish to be traced. So therefore lets spread the values of giving proper credit to whom credit is due.

God bless us all!

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RE Ausetkmt said...

not all of us a plagerists.
I repost lots of other blogs - always keeping the original blog title, link and date inplace.
as well I write my summary above the article and then point directly to the article.

for an example go see my post tonite on who owns Entrecard Now

you may see a good example of Reposting and as well learn a bit about the changes at Entrecard.

cheers and thanks for the drope

Roms said...

Thanks! I have read the e-mail from entrecard about the new entrecard owner..

Empty Streets said...

Dropping by to check on what is new over here :) Hope you had a great week and wishing you a great weekend to come :)